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Gabriele Schäfer

Natur Art and Painting






Art historical expertise:

Notes on the art of Gabriele Schäfer

Perception as Interpretation

By Gerhard Charles Rump


3D tour:



Enter the Kapitelsaal for a 360° tour thru the exhibition





Studies of human medicine, medical specialist of surgery


since 2017 freelance artist


student of Bernd Zimmer and Prof. Siegfried Anzinger


Attendee of the International Summer Academy at University of Hamburg 2018

Graduate of master course given by Prof. Leiko Ikemura



My self concept in Art


The center of my art is Nature. From my daily wanderings with my dog and worldwide trekking tours I collect ideas and inpirations for my pictures. For the setting of my art I often use sand, pigments and chalk. As an artist and painter of nature motives I hope to sensibilise people for the beauty, lovliness and attraction for nature and countryside. My main interest and attentions are not to reproduce nature in details but to show instead lighteffects, tune and atmosphere.


With my picture and motives I plead for conservation and protection of our natural habitat.


My energy comes out of nature, I work with and for our wunderful nature.




Ongoing and scheduled exhibitions:


April till May 2019: Single exhibition in Kapitelsaal Bad Hersfeld, Germany

May till July 2019: Single exhibition in museum Korbach, Germany

May till Oktober 2019: Single exhibition at colony of artist Ahrenshoop, Germany

Dezember 2019 till April 2020: Galerie ARTBOX in St. Anton, Austria

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